Family & Team

Hotel Helmer is family- owned and operated for many years. Affiliated with hospitality and the Allgäu’s tradition Family Helmer and its team will feast you royally.

Our house has a long history- The history of “Schneiderhanser”

The house itself is older than 350 years, but our documents go only back to the year 1648. At that time several owners worked as tailors. (The German word for tailor is “Schneider”) The old house name “beim Schneiderhanser” is still known and used today.

However, not only the tailor trade had a long tradition in that house. Josef Helmer senior, a farmer, woodcutter and wood dealer by passion, renovated step by step his property to today’s guest house and hotel. Therefore still today our guests can enjoy the home cooked meat specialties.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Martin Helmer & Team